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At ECS boards we pride ourselves on delivering quality boards and surfing accessories at great prices. Make us your first stop for longboards, shortboards, Stand up Paddle boards, pads, fins, and more.


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The McKee ECS 'Turbo' is just one of many creative SUP designs that ECS will bring to the range. It is designed to be stable to paddle, enter waves with ease, be a fast and highly maneuverable fun shape to ride.


The board is based on McKee’s early 90s “turbo” comp surfboards which combined speed, projection off the bottom, controlled release and a feeling that the board indeed had a boosting 'Turbo' element.

Fun filled days with the family, or the feeling of freedom being out on the water! This is the board to take you there.  ECS are stoked to partner with this new line of entry level boards.


Coming from the latin word "inceptio" meaning the beginning or commencement these boards are geared for new comers or a “Fun 4 all” type board.



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