As surfers and board manufacturers we are constantly challenged to make a board that not only performs yet holds up to the vigor's of surfing. In an ever-growing attempt to find that optimal strength to weight ratio we believe we have found the right balance with our fusion series of boards.
The fusion range are shaped from high density EPS foam blanks and combine carbon fibre rails in two unique construction methods, E-flex and V-flex. 
The E-flex  features sustainable bamboo vacuum sandwiched to the foam completely wrapping the rail and have ultimate compressive strength that is further enhanced with biaxial glass under the deck and finished with carbon on the outside of the rail.  The boards have a nice flex pattern that you don't get with most EPS boards and are light enough to be overpowered yet have enough weight for their own momentum.
The V-flex range is another unique ultra-lite EPS line of boards feature sustainable bamboo vacuum sandwiched to the deck and carbon vector net on the bottom. The V-Flex technology provides greater flex and drive whilst maintaining compression resistance. These boards are light, lively and responsive.