Effortless trimming and soul surfing are the concepts behind this mid length board.  Unlike other mid length and fun boards this board features a flat rocker similar to a nose rider for easy cruising and trim.. 

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Shaped with 50/50 rails single entry concave to rolled middle and v out the tail.  All the characteristics of its bigger longboard brother just shortened for mid length fun.  The rear ¼ is enhanced with hard edges in the rail for hold and performance through turns.  The board is finished with a centre box for single fin fun and side FSC11 option for thruster versatility.

The trim master Soul is designed for relaxed surfing and suits all levels of rider.


  • PU Blank with resin tint
  • 6+4 deck with extra standing area patch
  • 6oz bottom
  • Centre box and side FCS11 (fins not included)
Size 7'6
  • Length 7'6
  • Width 21 3/4
  • Thickness 2 7/8
  • Volume 49
Length Width Thickness Volume
7'6 21 3/4 2 7/8 49
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