Eco Friendly Board Transport Protection

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We're on an eco mission for a greener surf industry

The ECS team is very excited to partner with Flexi-Hex and provide this environmentally friendly board packaging solution.

Flexi-Hex is incredibly versatile and produced entirely from cardboard, making it a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for protecting your board in transit. Unlike traditional board packaging Flexi-hex contains no plastic and is reusable, folding into a slim strip that can easily store at home. 

We're committed to creating a greener surfing industry. So not only are we currently phasing in Flexi-Hex packaging on all our own boards, but we're also supplying Flexi-Hex to other retailers, shapers and anyone who needs to transport or store their board.

Eco Friendly

We all know single-use plastics have a devastating effect on the marine environment. The Flexi-Hex packaging system will displace a considerable amount of plastic waste and reduce your environmental footprint.

Quick Assembly

With current surfboard packaging times between 15- 20 minutes and a variety of different methods and materials used, Flexi-Hex can be packaged in under 2 minutes and is designed to be user friendly.

High Compression Resistance

Cardboard is not only affordable, accessible, lightweight, and completely recyclable, it is also surprisingly strong and durable. The sleeves are designed to not only protect the rails but the deck, nose and tail.

Flexible Sizing

The hexagonal cellular structure allows flexibility to fit almost any shape board. To allow for varying sizes Flexi-Hex is made of open ended modular sleeves cut to size and fixed at the join point. The adaptability of the sleeves result in the system being ideal for all board sizes. Once nested on top of each other, the system creates 30mm of separation between boards, further protecting them during transport or storage.

Flexible Sizing

Cost Effective & Reusable

Flexi-Hex intends to reduce the costs involved in board packaging through efficient use of materials and time. Benefits include better protection, faster packaging time, reduced materials, ease of storage and unpacking. Best of all it's reusable, making it the ideal packaging, storage and transport solution for your board.

Cost Effective & Reusable

Innovative Design

Flexi-Hex is made from cardboard a product already widely used in packaging but redesigned to add strength and durability. The result is a strong reliable packaging material which can reduce damage to boards in transit. The strength of Flexi-Hex means overall less packaging is required making it a cost effective environmental solution. Most importantly it can reduce the need for single use plastics.

Innovative Design

If you love the waves, help protect the ocean.

Join us on this eco mission!

With public awareness around single-use plastics and the devastating effect on the marine environment at an all time high, implementing Flexi-Hex into your packaging system will displace a considerable amount of plastic waste, and show your customers you are actively reducing your environmental footprint.

If you're a shaper or a retailer enquire wholesale prices today. Join us on this eco mission and help make the surf industry greener, reducing waste and saving time and money along the way.

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