Freight Insurance Option - Terms of Service

ECS Boards Global PTY LTD offers you the option to insure against missing/lost or damaged goods as a direct result of any cause or event except where such loss or damage is excluded by the insurance


Surfboards – Including Shortboards, Mid length and Longboards - $30

SUP - $45


Your goods are to be inspected on receipt.  If signed goods, then notation needs to be made on the delivery docket regarding the condition of goods.  You must notify ECS of any damages that may give rise to a claim in accordance with the Claim Conditions below


Insurance excludes delays in transit; Loss or damage caused by your misconduct, or intentionally caused by you or any other person acting with your expressed or implied consent; Loss or damage caused by theft; Loss or damage caused by legal seizure of the Goods; Re-delivery fees for the insured Goods.


Monetary Limit: The insurance is limited to the sum specified on the customer’s receipt from purchasing the Goods.


Claims Procedure & Reporting: When loss or damage occurs which may give rise to a claim, you must take all reasonable and necessary steps to avert, prevent or minimise the loss or damage. You must notify us within 24 hours of receipt of goods via email at: with the nature of damage and accompanied photos. You must not authorise any repairs to the Goods without our consent. Where applicable a quote for repair of goods is to be submitted within 7 days of receipt of goods.  ECS Boards Global PTY LTD will assess the claim and either cover the cost for repair or replace the goods to the lesser value.


In the event of an eligible claim, ECS Boards Global PTY Ltd have the discretion of settling the loss or damage by repairing, replacing the insured good or payment to you. The outcome for damaged goods will depend on the severity of damage. In the event of lost Goods, we will either replace the Good or refund you (where no stock is available).