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Whatever your experience level, from the weekend warrior to seasoned pro, ECS has a range of boards to suit. The Cavewire Volume Calculator is the most advanced of its kind, with over 7 years of learning and perfecting the algorithm. It takes into account the variables of height/weight, age & fitness to the waves you surf.

The ECS Volume calculator not only calculates your volume taking into account many surfboard design variables but also includes your skill level and surfing frequency. ECS want our customers to find and choose a board that most suited to you. One of the most important variables involved in finding the right surfboard is Volume or Literage. The Volume of the board and the construction determines the buoyancy or float. Simply, if you ride a surfboard with the wrong volume you will not only be paddling harder and catching less waves but your overall performance and surfing ability may be dampened by you simply not finding the perfect surfboard.