The Spoon

The spoon is an updated version of our famed modern Pig. It is a blend of "old school" logger style noserider but features the wider hipped tail for ultimate performance. We have kept the same outline with a touch more width in the nose and soften the rails at the tail. Drop knee turns are a breeze and the board nose rides effortlessly.

It features 60/40 rails with a single entry nose concave to rolled V middle for easy trimming






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60/40 Rails

The Spoon's performance is enhanced through the back end with soft rails and a slight V double concave through the fin for easy rail to rail transition.  The board features the right amount of rocker and tail lift that holds for plenty of time hanging out on the nose.

This board is full of style, trim and performance making an ideal choice for any level of rider.  It's an effortless paddler and sure to put a smile on your face.


PU Fiberglass - 10mm Stringer

6 + 6oz deck with extra 2oz standing patch

Single 6oz bottom

Single centre fin box


Length Width Thickness Volume
9'1 22 1/8 2 3/4  63L
9'4 22 1/2 3 73L
Size 9'1
  • Length 9'1
  • Width 22 1/8
  • Thickness 2 3/4
  • Volume 63L
Size 9'4
  • Length 9'4
  • Width 22.5
  • Thickness 3
  • Volume 73L
Length Width Thickness Volume
9'1 22 1/8 2 3/4 63L
9'4 22.5 3 73L
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