A guide to choosing the best stand-up paddleboard (SUP) for your lifestyle

A guide to choosing the best stand-up paddleboard (SUP) for your lifestyle
Stand-up paddleboards are a great way to exercise and get out in the water. Whether you're in the surf, lagoon or lake, there is a SUP that will fit your needs. At ECS, we have a variety of SUPs for all levels, uses and swell. 

There are a few main things you want to look out for when choosing the right SUP for you. You should consider:
  • Shape of the board
  • Volume and capacity
  • Length, width and thickness.
  • And also where you will be riding it i.e flat water or waves.

All ECS SUPs have an EPS foam core that’s wrapped with fiberglass and epoxy to create a lightweight, durable and affordable construction. The difference between the models comes in the different types of performance you want to get out of the board.

To break it down here is a master list of each ECS SUP so you can decide which is the best one for you:


The classic All rounder SUP. Great for flat water paddling or calm days in the ocean. A long SUP with short board styling to allow for ability to surf too. A flat deck and medium rails allows for performance in all conditions.

The EVO is made with sustainable paulownia wood top and bottom with a light high density EPS foam in the centre. Also features reinforced wood/glass standing area for additional strength.


The wideboy is the most stable board in the SUP range. A shorter board with extra volume and stability allows for a great performance surf SUP. Medium performance rails of this board still permit easy maneuvering in surf conditions and a wide flat deck with single into double concave bottom creates speed through turns.

For wave riding we would recommend the smaller lengths however the wideboy in can work great as a flat water paddler too in the 9’5 and 10’ length. 

Inception 2022

This is the one size fits all board. A great beginner board which is great for small wave surfing and flat water. This board features full rails, a flat deck and high volume to allow easy paddling for all. Coming from the latin word "inceptio" meaning the beginning or commencement; these boards are geared for new comer's or a “Fun 4 all” type board.

The Inception comes complete as an "on water" package including durable board cover.

Inception Soft Top

An almost identical build to the inception 2022 only this time with a soft foam top to allow for a little bit extra volume as well as being great for kids. Perfect for beginners.

Mckee Jack Rabbit XXL

A shorter high performance SUP which allows for crisp precision and is versatile in many surf conditions This board is designed to be ridden shorter whilst having the ‘feel’ of a longer board to allow for speed, lift and precise directional change.

This board is set up with a 5 fin box set up and can be surfed as a quad or thruster. This board is for your experienced surf supers who want The Quad set-up will provide traction, speed, security and drive off the bottom with hold on long walls while a Thruster set-up gives a crisp pivot and playful feel when in punchy beach breaks and peaky waves. For the big boy in the range, the 10’ is designed for ultimate longboard style sup surfing.  Nose rides with ease, trims effortlessly and turns with ease off the tail. Plenty of fun times to be had!

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