Surf Trip to Seals Rocks NSW

Surf Trip to Seals Rocks NSW

Making the most of accomodation and waves whilst Harry was shooting with @thirty3southfilms, Nato and Dan packed up to join the crew up north.

"We spent most of the time fishing and surfing in between shooting for the campaign.

Being the middle of winter and mid week, we ended up having the point at seals to ourselves one morning and that’s where we got all those shots & clips. Harry on the Wideboy and Nate (Nato) on the RMS log both boards optimum for conditions like these."

The RMS is the longboarder's pride and joy. Good performance, traditional old school mal, perfect for up the coast. Tt (It) has been developed as a high end traditional spec log 3 inch thick, plenty of volume and goes unreal. The RMS log is not overly wide at the nose and slightly sharpened through the tail with a 50/50 rail and the ability to turn from anywhere on the board. The extra length helps with trim speed and you can never go wrong with more speed. The premium quality tanker for a decent wave.

The Wide boy is ideal for those wanting a shorter board to surf yet requiring extra volume and stability. The board has a wider nose and center point for early entry into the wave yet turns with ease thanks to the pulled-in swallow tail.

"We were pretty keen to get out nice and early and it was pretty unreal having the place ourselves as the sun came up. All good things must come to an end though and we headed back home later that day. Pretty good to have a last minute trip like that under the belt just before lockdown.”
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